Billion Oyster Project

I find projects like this one to be interesting because they combine both Science and History to do activism that will change the world we live in if their efforts are successful. Did you know that 1609 the New York Harbor was home to over 220,000 oyster beds and that by 1906 New Yorkers had eaten every last oyster there?

This project seeks to restore the oyster beds of the New York Harbor! Their goal is to have distributed one billion live oysters around 100 acres of reefs by 2035.

To learn more check out the main page, just scroll down through it for the history and project details, and if you want to learn even more check out the Our Story section. A cool feature of the Our Story section is that they have a project update where you can see how much progress they’ve made to their goal.

Next up is to learn how restaurants, schools, and volunteers are helping the Billion Oyster Project meet its goals. You can learn more about their efforts by clicking into each section on them as you scroll down the page.

Go learn more about this project and how you can help today!


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