We’ve been talking about sending and receiving messages on your smartphone all this week. A reader has a question.

“If I send a message using the Message App on my Samsung Android phone does it also display on the Facebook Messenger App”

Generally, they will not. Your text message function and your Facebook Messenger app are two separate things. However, you can set up Messenger to display your texts.

You can send and receive text messages using Facebook Messenger on your Android phone. The people you’re communicating with don’t need to have a Facebook account, Facebook Messenger, or even a smart phone.

You can use SMS in Messenger to send text, images, video, and even stickers and emoji. But you’ll need to use regular messenger for things like GIFs, transferring money and making voice and video calls.

If you’re using Messenger to chat with someone and you receive a text, you won’t have to leave Messenger and open your texting app to check on the text and reply. Keep in mind, though, that the text is still be sent as part of your texting plan, so data usage and any text fees you would normally pay will still apply.

Also, you won’t be able to access these messages from your PC or tablet that way you can standard Facebook Messenger messages.

Here’s how to activate the service.  Open Messenger and select settings by tapping the icon with your profile pic in the upper-right corner.

Scroll down and tap SMS.

Move the slider bar to On.

You’ll need to give permission to switch your default messaging app.

Your Text contacts will display differently in Messenger than your Facebook contacts. You can read them just like any Messenger message, but they will be in a different color scheme than the standard messenger message.


To send a text message, you can either tap a contact to begin writing one or create a new message and enter the contact. If the person isn’t yet a contact, just start typing the phone number. Messenger will recognize that you want to write an SMS message.

Tap the SMS button at the top of messenger to only see SMS messages. Tap it again to see all of your messages.

To switch back to the default Android Message App, just go back to SMS under Messenger settings and switch it off.