Microsoft Edge: Add website shortcut to desktop

Sometimes, you use a website so often, you’d like to pin a shortcut to your desktop. Here’s how to do it with Microsoft Edge.

You’ll need the address of your website, so if you don’t wish to type it out, open Edge, go to the page and copy the URL.


Now, right click on a blank spot on the desktop and choose New from the menu.


Then select, Shortcut.


Type in or past the web address. Then choose Next.


The shortcut will now appear on the desktop.


If you’d like to change the icon, right click and select properties.


Select Change icon. 


Pick from the icons offered or find your own image on the PC.




One thought on “Microsoft Edge: Add website shortcut to desktop

  1. Sorry Cyn, but I find it’s easier to click on 3 dots, open with Internet Explorer, right click, then Create shortcut. And don’t get me started on that brain dead print box in Edge.

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