Google backtracks controversial Chrome Change

The Google Chrome browser has received a major makeover. Let’s take a look at what’s changed in the most popular browser and why they had to reverse a controversial decision.


Probably the first thing you’ll notice is a rounded look to the address bar and tabs.


Now, you may have noticed the https and the www wen missing from the address bar for a few days. Here’s what it looked like.


There was a great deal criticism of Google’s choice to omit that information. Chrome also stripped away subdomains like “m.”  That means it’s possible for someone to thing they’re going to http://www.stuffilike and instead be headed http://www.m.stuffilike, which could possibly be a site set up by scammers.  The folks at Chrome aid the domain and subdomain information isn’t important and not something users should be concerned with.

But they got so many complaints, they decided to reverse the decision.

Just in case they change their mind again, let me show you how keep this feature turned off.

Open Chrome. Then type or copy and paste this address into the browser:


A page will open showing available features. Scroll down to Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains.


Click the arrow next to Default and select Disable from the drop-down menu.


A blue button at the bottom-right of the page will advise you to relaunch. Click it.


This will ensure you see the URL and any subdomains.








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