Resume Maker

Resume MakerNeed to make a resume? You can design one for free using this cool app!

To get started, click the Design My Resume button. It will take you into the app where you can start creating your resume based on their template.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a tool tray that offers you the option to customize the color, font, text size, sections, and page size of your resume.  Next to it, you’ll find the option to preview and download your resume.

To edit the sections of the template all you have to do is click into the section and start typing, or in the case of the image, click and then select an image from your computer to upload.

To really customize your resume (say you didn’t want an image of yourself on it) you’ll want to click Sections on the tool tray. There you can easily turn features on and off, as well as add more sections of content to it.

This is a fast an easy way to make a resume. Go check it out today!


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