Unsplash Instant

If you’re a Chrome user, you’ve gotta check out this browser plugin! It is literally my favorite thing about web browsing right now.

 Unsplash is an awesome website that offers high-definition images for free to use however you want. Unsplash Instant is a plugin that will show you a random image from Unsplash every time you open a new browser tab. 

I love it because it makes opening a new tab filled with the joy of discovery! What image am I going to see? Is it one I’ve already downloaded to use as a background image on my laptop? I also love it because it exposes me to images that I can use later in my design work.

Each time you open a new tab you’ll see a new image, the photographer’s name, a download button, a camera button (that takes you to the image’s page on Unsplash), the ellipsis gives you a drop down menu, and at the bottom you have your settings, and info.

In the Settings you can choose to make the interface even more minimal or to access your default page again.

I hope you enjoy this plugin every bit as much as I do!


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