FBI Warns: Online crooks targeting your direct deposit

If you receive payments through direct deposit, cyber-criminals are targeting your hard-earned money.

The FBI has issued a warning about a scam that could send your check into someone else’s account. Here’s how it works.

They send a fake email designed to look like a genuine message from your employer or your bank. The message says you need to log into your account by following a link and using your username and password. Once that information is entered, the thieves then use it to log into your actual account where they re-direct your deposit to their own accounts. They’ll also change your password and cancel any alerts you have set up to notify you of unusual transactions. (Yeah, pretty darn tricky.)

If you see any emails like this, do not click on them! Immediately check with payroll for your company to make sure the request is legitimate. If you’ve received any requests like this, make sure to report them to the folks who make the deposits into your bank account. If you’ve fallen for a scam like this, make sure to notify your bank, your employer and the authorities. And if you use that username and password anywhere else, change it immediately.

You can report scams like this to the FBI by clicking this link: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx


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