How can I get rid of Malware Bytes?

A reader is having a problem getting rid of Malware Bytes.

“I use Windows 10 OS and I use Windows Defender for my security. Malwarebytes App keeps telling me to upgrade the App. I didn’t install it. Do I need it? I go to settings, apps, and Malwarebytes app and hit uninstall and it doesn’t do anything. How can I get rid of it?”

I do suggest having Malware Bytes in addition to other security software. I think it does a great job and the free version is pretty good. If you didn’t install Malwarebytes, I wonder if the free version didn’t come pre-installed on your PC when you purchased it. Sometimes programs that come that way can be tricky to uninstall.


I suppose it also could have come attached to another program, though that’s normally not Malware Byte’s MO. They are are a legitimate app that a lot of people want.

You don’t say which browser you’re using, but I’d suggest checking it to make sure you don’t have a Malware Bytes add-on or extension installed. Those must be removed separately from within the browser.

Are you getting any type of error when you try to uninstall the program? If you’re not properly logged in as an administrator on your PC, you won’t be permitted to uninstall programs.

If that’s not the issue, you may want to try downloading and running the Malware Bytes Clean Tool. Click here to download that program.

It should run automatically. Once it’s done installing Malwarebytes, you’ll need to reboot. You’ll then be asked if you want to reinstall Malwarebytes. If you don’t, just choose No. Then you can delete the uninstaller.

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