Podcasts burst onto the scene roughly ten years ago and for avid listeners our lives haven’t been the same since! Unfortunately, podcasting can also be a very ephemeral form of media. Streams can just disappear, aren’t maintained or archived improperly. The aim of PodcastRE (Podcast Research) is to provide a stable location to preserve podcasts and offer an interface that allows folks to research them. To learn more about PodcastRE and listen to Episode 1: The What head over to the About page.

When you arrive, the easiest way to get started is to search for your favorite podcast with the search field on the main page. If you don’t have a favorite podcast you can try one of the ones listed in the About section. I’m personally a fan of Welcome to Nightvale.

You can also check out the cool Keyword Cloud Visualization and the Frequency Line Graph Visualization. Each offers an existing visualization so you can see how they work, and then you can tweak them with your own keywords or fields. I particularly like the word cloud because it gives you an idea of what topics are popular in podcasting.

Go check it out for yourself today!



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