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Are you taking advantage of Google’s free cloud storage for the photos you take on your Android phone?

It’s pretty easy to set up and you’ll not only back up all the photos on your phone, but you’ll also be able to access them from any other device including your PC or Mac.

Just in case something happens to your phone, your photos will still be stored in the cloud. As long as you choose high-resolution storage (which is plenty big enough to print off an 8×10 or 5×7) you’ve got basically unlimited storage.

Let’s take a look at how to set it up. You’ll need to open the Photos app on your Android phone.


You’ll immediately be asked if you want to sync your photos. Choose Allow.


The default settings are High Quality which gives you free unlimited storage and to only back up when your phone is synced to WiFi to save data. Then click Confirm.


You can access your backed-up photos from the Photos app on your phone or by going to this link:  using a browser on your PC or Mac.


You can also upload photos from your PC or Mac or transfer photos from a camera to your PC and then up to your Photos account. In fact, you don’t need a phone at all to use Google Photos.

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  1. On a completely different subject, I don’t remember how to contact you directly:

    Cyn, can you explain to me, the way to open another Yahoo email account? I have one with them, but I would like to have another one for a certain account I have.

    I can’t find any help on Yahoo, even using the Chat there. They don’t seem to understand what I want.

    BTW, Happy Easter!
    Virginia Borders

  2. What about iPhone cloud storage? I got a message that I’d used 50% of my allowed (free) cloud storage for apps & photo storage, but I don’t know what is in cloud storage or what isn’t. Probably some apps I deleted and I don’t know what else. How do I find out what is up there? I also need to move the photos in iPhone to pc. The last time I tried to sync I lost iPhone contacts and I don’t know what else, so I know I did it wrong. Thanks, Trish

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