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It probably doesn’t surprise any of you that when I see someone having a tech issue, I tend to jump right in and offer my assistance. That’s what happened last week when I was sitting in the waiting room at my husband’s post-eye surgery checkup. A lady was having trouble arranging her phone screen the way she wanted. That issue I helped her take care of fairly quickly, but she wanted to know if I could help her with something else. She was just about to leave on vacation and she wanted to know if I could help her create a map that would show the location of all the photos she took on her trip through the Holy Land.

It’s actually not too difficult of a project if you’re using an Android phone.

To make it work, you do have to have the sync for Google Photos turned on. That involves opening the photos app and switching the cloud sync to the on position. (Learn more about that by clicking here.)

Then you have to make sure location tagging is activated on your phone. (You can learn how to do that by clicking here.)  Yes, there are a few steps to setting it up, but after that, it’s fairly easy.

Let’s look at how to make a map. You’ll need to go to Google Photos. This can be done via a browser or by using the Google Photos app on your phone. Let’s start with a browser.

Follow this link to Google Photos:

Here’s what it looks like when you first open.


Click Albums on the left side of the page.


Photos will already have created some automatic albums for you, including one sorted by places. You can browse through that album to check out the locations of all your photos. But to create a map, we’ll need to start with a new album.


Click on Create.


Type in your title.


Then choose Select Photos.


Go through and select the photos you wish to use.


Then choose Done.


Click on the album you wish to create a map for.


Here’s what it will look like.


Click the three-dot menu icon at the top-right.


Choose Edit album from the drop-down menu.


Click the locations icon at the top.


Choose Map.


A map will be generated with the locations where your photos were taken. My map is very limited to Ohio. But if your album included your trip to Europe, all the cities you visited would be displayed.


You can also click on any photo and then choose Location.



Then choose from a list of suggested locations or add your own.


It’s an interesting visual way to show off a trip.





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