Welcome to Jellynote! This site offers a fun way to learn and practice music!

To begin your journey, scroll down the page to check out recommended and trending music or click the menu button and choose Browse.  I really love how they’ve set this up, right off the bat they show you what you’ll get in a free account versus a premium one, and then as you scroll down the page, there are three videos you can watch that demonstrate Learning Mode, Practice Mode, and Synchronized Covers. After watching these videos you can scroll past them and check out the Demo section where you can try those features with select songs for Guitar, Piano, Bass, Violin, Trumpet, and Sax.

Have you seen enough? Are you ready to register for the free version and start learning and practicing music today? Well then all you need to do is click the Login/Register button at the top of the page. You can log in with Google, or you can fill out the form with your name, a working e-mail address,  then create a password, and finally click the blue Registration button. 

Once you’re logged in you’ll use the menu strip on the left side of the page to navigate. Your options there are Home, Top 100, Playlists, Watch, Learn, Library, and Browse. 

Home will return you to your dashboard should you navigate away from it. There you will find an assortment of what’s popular on the site right now.

Playlists is where you’ll find the songs you’ve added to your songbook. Once you’ve found a song you want to add to your songbook, scroll to the bottom of its page and look for the Add To Songbook, beneath it you’ll need to create a songbook the first time, after you do so the song will be added to that book. 

Publish is where you’ll be able to upload a file or create chords using their software. I didn’t play around with this too much because I don’t have an actual musical instrument to use with this site at the moment.

Browse is probably where you’ll spend the most of your time. This is where you discover music to learn and practice, and where you’ll most likely be adding songs to your Songbook from. 

This site looks like an excellent way to learn and practice music in a way that is fun. I really wish I had something like this when I was in high school learning keyboard.  Check it out for yourself today!