Word Clipboard

One handy feature of Microsoft Word you may not know about is the Word Clipboard. The Word clipboard can hold up to 24 items, making it easy to save texts and images and place them anywhere you want in your document.

Here’s how it works. Any text or images you copy while using Word will be stored on the clipboard, up to 24 separate items. To access the clipboard click the Home tab at the top-left of Word.


You’ll find the clipboard just under Format Painter. Click the little arrow.


The clipboard pane will open at the left.


You’ll see a list of everything you’ve copied while Word was open. You can paste all or any of the items in whatever order you please.


First, choose where in the document, you want to paste and click to place the cursor.


Then click the item or items you wish to paste from the pane.


The text or image will appear in your document.


You can click the arrow next to your selection and choose to either delete or paste the item.


If you want to paste all of the items, click Paste All at the top of the pane. You can also clear all the items as well.


Click Options at the bottom of the pane for, you guessed it, options.


You can choose to have clipboard displayed by default or to have it pop up after you’ve pressed Ctrl + C twice.


You can also choose to have the Clipboard icon displayed on Taskbar.


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