Uninstall built-in apps

Windows comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps. Some, like WordPad, are very useful. While others, not so much.

For example, when Microsoft was hoping to get into the music business to challenge Amazon and iTunes, they made Groove Music the default music player for Windows 10.

It was built into Window, so there was no way to delete it, even if you didn’t use it. Even after Microsoft threw in the towel on their music store, you were still stuck with Groove Music as a default app that you could not uninstall for quite some time.

Now you finally can.  Just type Groove Music into your search box and Right-click on the result.


Choose Uninstall from the menu that pops up.


That’s not the only built-in app you can finally uninstall. Other built-in apps that you have the option of uninstalling include:

Internet Explorer
Get Help
3D Viewer
3D Print
Mixed Reality Portal
Paint 3D
Solitaire Collection
Feedback Hub
Xbox Console Companion

Follow the same process to uninstall. Either search for the app and right-click on the result or click the Start Button and scroll down the app list to locate. Then right-click and choose uninstall.


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