Crime Reports

Considering my career in news and my work as a mystery writer, it’s probably no surprise that I’m really into true crime and crime reporting. So it’s also no surprise that a site like Crime reports is right up my alley.

Crime Reports is a crime mapping site that allows you look at crime rates from over 1000 police departments. When you arrive at the site, you can watch a video that explains how to use Crime reports. 


If you’d like to browse the data by state, scroll down to the bottom and select the state.


Or get started by clicking on Explore the map or choosing to type in an address, name, or region and clicking the magnifying glass button.


Just keep clicking on the map buttons until you get to specific locations.


This will bring up the location and populate it with bullets on the map for where a crime has been committed. 



You’ll notice that some police departments offer you the option to Explore.


You’ll be able to see social media feeds from agencies, look at incidents in-depth, and even map crime trends.


You can also submit a tip and share crimes of interest on social media.  

Check it out at this link:


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