Choose which folders are displayed in the Photo App

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Windows 10 Photos App.  (Click here to check out that article.)

Today, we’ll learn how to choose which folders display in the app.

Let’s check out how you can choose which photos automatically display in the Photos app. Start by opening the Photos app and clicking the Folders tab at the top of the app. Some folders like Pictures, Videos and One Drive will be automatically displayed.


If there’s another folder like Downloads, another cloud storage service, or an external drive you’d like to display, click on Add a folder.


Select the folder you want in File Explorer and chose Add to Pictures.


The folder will then be added to Folders in the Photo App.


If you’d prefer not to have certain folders displayed in the Photos app, that’s easy to handle. Click on the three-dot menu icon at the top-right of the app. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Click Add a folder to include another folder or hover over an existing one and click the x to no longer view it in this app.  The folder won’t be deleted from your other files, but it won’t appear in the Photos app.


You can also scroll down to choose if you want images from OneDrive included in the Photos app.


As you keep scrolling through Settings, you can adjust things like what mouse scrolling means in the app, whether it displays a light or dark theme and what shows on the live tile icon for the app.


The most important setting here may be the choice of whether or not you want Windows to automatically create albums for you. If you’d prefer to make those choices yourself, turn that setting off.


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