Windows 10 Photos App Basics

Photos App is a program designed to organize your photos and images that also offers several editing options. It’s extremely touch-friendly, which is great if you’re using a tablet. Although, I have to honestly say that it’s not my favorite. Let’s take a look at how it works.

If you double-click on an image file, it will automatically open in the Photos app. Or just type Photos in the Search Box and click on the results. If Hey, Cortana is enabled, just say, “Hey, Cortana, open the Photos app.”


Photos will open.


At the top of the app windows, you’ll see tabs for Collection, Album, Video Project, People, & Folder. There’s also a search window where you can search by the tags you’ve applied to images. The app will create Collections and Albums based on dates and places. You can also create collections and albums of your own.


A timeline slider at the right lets you navigate images by when they were added to the app.


At the top right, you can choose to display small, medium or large icons of your photos.


Let’s check out what medium and large icons look like.


Double-click on any image to open.


Photos automatically creates albums by date.


Click the arrow next to Modified to sort by Newest, Oldest, recently Modified, or Alphabetical.


To create a new album, choose New album.


Tick the boxes next to images you want in the album.


Then choose Create.


Click the pencil icon next to Album to give the album a name.


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