Thunderbird – Check out the inbox

We’ve been talking about the Thunderbird email client this week. This free download is an excellent alternative to Outlook, the Windows 10 Mail App, or Live Mail.

You can click here to learn how to download and install.

Click here to learn how to connect to your email accounts. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the inbox.


In the left pane, you’ll see the email accounts that are connected to Thunderbird.


Click on Read messages to see the contents of your inbox.


The layout of the inbox should look pretty familiar. You’ll see the subject of the email, when it arrived, and who it was from.


Double-click on the message to open.


At the top right, you’ll see options to Reply, Forward, Archive, mark as Junk, or Delete.


Click the arrow next to More for additional options. You can Open in Conversation to see all of the messages in a thread. Open in a new window or tab to have multiple messages at once. View the source of the message or mark as unread.


To check for new messages, click on Get Messages. To compose a new message, click on Write.


Click Address Book to see your Contacts.  You can add new contacts manually or import from other email programsI’ll get more into detail about the address book in a future article.


You can also add anyone to your address book by clicking the star next to their name in a message.


Thunderbird has a pretty straight-forward interface, so I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble getting used to it.




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