Spark – clean up your inbox

If you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, I’ve found a free app that can help you clean up your email inbox. Spark can help you conglomerate email from multiple accounts all in one handy spot and manage those messages.


Spark helps prioritize emails by moving messages from real people you have contact with to the top of your inbox.


Spark also reduces the number of notifications you’ll be bothered with by only notifying you about emails received from your contacts.


You’ll also have the ability to pin important messages to the

Plus snooze less important communication to check out later at the time of your choosing.


The Smart Search feature makes it simple to find messages using natural language.


And it’s also got the ability to process very specific parameters such as a particular type of file attachment from one sender send during a time frame.


Head over to to watch a video about how the app works and to download a free copy of the app for your Apple or Android device – that includes your Mac.





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