A reader is looking for a way to share files between two Windows users:

“Cyn, as always, I enjoy your articles. As a retired engineer, I don’t use my laptop very often anymore so I don’t have a lot of experience with windows 10. Windows 7 was the last version when I was employed. Since we are snowbirds we don’t bring my wife’s desktop down south. We shared my laptop. Recently I created some files she needed however, when I logged out and she logged in, they were not visible to her. I couldn’t figure out how to make a shared directory in 10. Can you direct me?”

It should be as simple as making sure they’re in the Public file folder.  Public files can be shared between multiple users on the same PC.  FYI that doesn’t mean the general public when we’re talking about File Explorer.

You can find the public folder by opening up File Explorer.


When File Explorer opens, look for the drive with your operating system in the navigation pane. It will usuall be C.  Then click on Users.


This is where you’ll find the Public folder.


In the Public folder you’ll find folders for Documents, Downloads, and Music. Simply copy and paste files or folders into the Public folder or drop and drag them.