One of the complaints I hear most often about Facebook is that people aren’t seeing the people and pages they like the most in their feeds. Many of us would just like to see everything posted by our friends and pages we follow show up in chronological order according to when they are posted.  Facebook isn’t set up that way. It uses an algorithm to show you what it thinks you want to see. You’ve probably seen posts now and then that claim there’s some way to bypass Facebook’s algorithm. I promise you, you cannot. But there are some ways to control what you see. Let’s look at them.

If you’re using Facebook in a browser, start by clicking the arrow at the top right and choosing News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu.


This easy-to-read Prefences menu will pop up.


Let’s start by clicking on Prioritize who to see first.


Click on up to 25 people and pages to give them priority in your feed. By default, you’ll see all.


But you can filter by pages, friends only, or people you’ve already prioritized. Click on a person or a page to prioritize them. You’ll see a blue star appear. If you’d like to remove a friend or a page from your priority list, just click on a starred person or page to remove that star.


But even if you have a friend or page prioritized, you may not see a lot of their posts unless you interact with those post. The Facebook alogorithm rewards interaction with a post such as reacting, sharing, or commenting. Even is you passively read everything someone posts, Facebook isn’t going to know that you want to see move of it unless you interact with that person or page. So , if you want to see something, it’s important not to be passive.

Tomorrow we’ll look at more ways to control what turns up in your feed.