Control what you don’t see on your Facebook feed

Yesterday we looked at ways to take control of what’s displayed in your Facebook feed. You can click here to learn how to control which friends and pages are given priority.

Today, we’ll look at how to control what doesn’t show up in your feed. Start by opening Facebook in a browser, clicking the arrow at the top right and choosing News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu.


Since we lwanred how to prioritize who to see first yesterday, now we’ll look at how to unfollow people and groups to hide their posts. Unfollowing a person, page, or group is not the name as unfriending a person, leaving a group, or unliking a page. It just means they won’t turn up in your newsfeed. Unfollowing can be a good option if you want to remain friends with someone but their posts are getting on your nerves. It’s a particularly good thing to know about during an election year.  You might also belong to a group that you enjoy participating in occasionally but you don’t want their posts cluttering up your feed.


Just click on a person, page, or group to unfollow.  If you change you mind, click on them again to go back to following.


By default, you’ll see all of your friends, pages, and groups here. You can click the drop-down arrow to sort by Friends, Pages, or Groups.


An easy way to check out pages, groups, and people you’ve chosen to unfollow is to click on Reconnect with people and groups you’ve unfollowed.


You’ll be able to see who you’ve chosen to unfollow and when you unfollowed. Click on them to begin following again.


Click the arrow next to All to sort by Friends, Pages, or Groups.


Now let’s check out the Snooze feature.  If you’d like to stop seeing posts from a friend, group, or page for 30 days, you can click the three-dot icon at the top of a post and choose Snooze from the drop-down menu.


To check out snoozed items at any time, you can open your Preferences and click on Manage your snooze settings.

manage snooze settings

You’ll be able to see who you’ve snoozed and for how long.  Click on a person, page, or group to unsnooze or to resnooze once a snooze has expired.


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