Choose how Edge opens at startup

A reader has a question about the new Microsoft Edge.

“The new version of Edge opens two tabs. Any purpose in this? Any way to change that?”

The purpose of opening on two or more tabs can be to have a home page and search page at the ready or to have multiple pages you use frequently just a tab click away. For example, you might have your email, a search page, and a favorite news site at the ready each time you open your browser.

Here’s how to control what displays.  Start by opening Edge and clicking on the three-dot menu bar. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


When Settings opens, choose On startup on the left-hand side.


You can then decide what you’d like Edge to open on at startup. Choose between a brand new tab, picking up where you left off, or opening on a particular page or pages.


Click Add a new page to add an additional page. Just type in the address of the page you want. To remove a page click the three-dot icon next to it.


Select Delete.


If you think the tabs you have open at any particular moment are what you’d like for startup, you can click on Use all open tabs.


I keep my Facebook, my email, and the Cyn Mackley page as my startup pages because that’s where I need to be most frequently and it’s super easy to navigate between them by clicking on the tabs.



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