Why does Google need my info?

There are some comments on my article how much information Google collects from you that I wanted to share with you. You can click here to read it. 

“Does anyone, even a massive company like Google need to know everything about me, including when I pee? I think not!”

These days the most valuable commodity out there is information about the habits of consumers. The more detailed, the better. Though the Internet is ad-supported much in the way that TV networks, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers are, it works differently. For TV, radio, and print material, you see the same ads as everyone else who is watching that show or reading that magazine. When it comes to the websites, the advertising is most often tailored directly to you based on your previous purchases and habits.  Advertisers are able to specifically target the audience they want and know that that audience is viewing the ad.

This type of advertising is highly effective and one of the reasons that broadcast TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are suffering. Advertisers really like being able to show the right ad to the right audience.  Since Google makes the vast majority of its multi-billion dollar income by selling ads, they really do need your information to survive. That’s where they get the cash to offer free services like Gmail, YouTube, the Chrome browser, and more.

And don’t forget all the free apps out there. They make their money by collecting your information and selling it. But it’s not just the tech giants. That rewards card you have from the supermarket that offers you discounts and coupons does the exact same thing. In fact any kind of discount card or program generally does the exact same thing.

People, especially young people, seem willing to trade their privacy for free stuff. So I’ll put this question out there: Would you be willing to pay for your email service, game apps, search engines, and other free services in exchange for privacy? Pay for Facebook? Give up discount cards?  Most people aren’t.



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  1. Thanks for answering my question. Now can you explain why I have so much trouble logging into my email accounts with Google? I setup an email account, and select a good strong password that is recognized the next time I login on that particular device, but…it’s not recognized on another device. I end up so aggravated and frustrating I could scream. I use a desktop, a Kindle and of course my phone. I can sign in on my phone but the others not a chance.
    I’ve changed my password, waited for confirmation from Google and they never get back to me. Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

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