Ghostery: try this security extension

Looking to keep your browser safe? Consider the Ghostery extension.  It works with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Cliqz, Yandex, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer browsers.



Ghoster blocks trackers and ads and helps to speed up your browsing experience. Just head to the store for your particular browser to install or go to

Once you install Ghostery, a little blue ghost will display at the top of your browser.


The number next to the ghost shows you how many issues Ghostery has found on the page.


Click on it to see the numbers of trackers blocked and requests mondified by Ghostery.


Click on Detailed view to see more information about what’s been blocked.


You can choose to trust a site, restrict a site, or temporarily pause Ghostery. You may wish to pause or restrict Ghostery if you find a site you need to access has trouble loading.


You’ll also see options to upgrade to a paid version of Ghostery. But that’s not necessary to use this extension.

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