Garth Brooks Live From Studio G

I’ve had lots of questions about the free music options that are popping up everywhere and I found one that I enjoyed very much and wanted to share with you.


Singer Garth Brooks and his wife Trish Yearwood are hosting performances from their home recording studio. The pair take requests and sing their hits, all via Facebook Live. The show is called Live From Stuido G.

They’ve been airing the performances live on Mondays, but you can scroll down their Facebook page and view the past performances, including the one last week that actually broke Facebook for a little while because it had so many viewers.

Click here to check out his Facebook page.

CBS also aired an hour of their show last week. That program is available on the CBS All Access streaming service. So, if you’re one of the people taking advantage of their offer for a free one-month trial, you’ll want to check it out.

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  1. I am hoarse from singing at the top of my lungs!! You can’t listen Garth and Trisha and not sing with them!! I love y’all!!

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