21 Tips For Taking Incredible Cat Photos

You may have heard the joke that the Internet seems to exist solely for the purpose of sharing cat photos. That’s not quite true, but kitty photos are pretty popular online and I should probably put “cat photographer” on my resume with as many pictures as I take of my feline masters. I’ve found a neat site that not only helps me take better photographs of my fuzzy buddies, but also has some gorgeous pictures of cats to look at.


You’ll find handy tips like when to use automatic vs. manual settings and the best way to get a cat’s attention. You’ll also learn the best times and places to get great shots. It’ll also help you come to accept that your cat is never going to do what you want it to in a photo but that what your cat wants to do could make for some pretty nice photos.

Even is cats make you sneeze, you’ll find that many of the tips apply to photographing the furry or feathered friend of your choice.

Click the link below to check it out.


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