Crackle Home School Channel

Yesterday, I told you about Crackle – one of the free streaming services that can make it easy to cut the cord.

(Click here to learn all about it)

Today I thought I’d highlight one of the channels, the Homeschool Channel. The channel was launched in partnership with the Ad Council to offer educational options to children who are distance learning due to the COVID-19 Crisis.

The series available include:

  • Baby Einstein Classics (7 seasons, 34 episodes)
  • Animal Tales (2 seasons, 30 episodes)
  • Alphabet Safari (1 episode)
  • Bailey’s Big Backyard (5 episodes)
  • Rev & Roll (26 episodes)
  • Rainbow Ruby (26 episodes)
  • Elf Learning for Kids (11 episodes)
  • Travel With Kids TV (30 episodes)
  • Tea Time With Tayla (18 episodes)
  • Brain Candy TV (40 episodes)

This programming is aimed at very young children. Just head over to .

Scroll down to Homeschool Channel to check out all of your options.




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