Digital Abuse: Part 3

We’ve been discussing digital emotional abuse this week. Today, we’ll look at some of the things that can happen when that abuse begins to escalate.

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Digital abuse normally starts out small. Maybe with a few unkind comments. Maybe with just a few too many texts. But when it escalates, it can turn nasty.

Keep in mind that both men and women can be victims of digital abuse. Young people are often targets but it can happen to anyone of any age. These actions don’t have to come from romantic partners. You’ll find that friends or family members will employ the same tactics as well.

In fact, scammers will often use these same techniques to attempt to squeeze money out of senior citizens.

  • Threatening to report you to police or agencies like children services. This is also a common technique of scammers
  • Threaten to reveal embarrassing information about you. With younger people they may threaten to tell their parents.
  • Threaten to share sexually explicit photos. Once an abuser has photos or video in hand, they won’t hesitate to use it as a weapon. This is a technique used to trap young people into human trafficking.
  • Threatening to commit suicide.
  • Threaten to harm you, your pet, your family, or friends.

If any of the above things happen, it is time to contact law enforcement. If you’re a minor, it is time to get your parents involved.





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