Storage Sense – Automatically Free Up Space


Storage Sense a great way to automatically clear up space in Windows 10.  This feature can automatically clear out files that you don’t need any longer.

Included in the mix are:

  • temporary setup files
  • Old indexed content
  • System cache files
  • Internet cache files
  • Device driver packages
  • System downloaded program files
  • Dated system log files
  • System error memory dump files
  • System error minidump files
  • Temporary system files
  • Dated Windows update temporary files

If you’re using OneDrive, it will automatically free up space by making files you don’t use anymore available as online-only files stored in OneDrive.

Those files will be visible from your device as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Let’s look at how to set it up.

Start by typing Storage settings into the Windows 10 search box. Click on the results.


Click the toggle switch to turn Storage Sense on automatically.


Click on Configure Storage Sense or run it now to set up how you’d like it to work.


Once it is turned on, you can decide when the program will run. You can go ahead and click on Run Storage Sense to run it immediately.


Or click the drop-down arrow and choose to run daily, weekly, monthly, or only if storage space gets low.


You can also select options for what happens to particular kinds of files. I’ll show you how to set that up tomorrow in part 2 of this article.

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