Canvas Photo Editor: Part 1

The Canvas Photo Editor is a handy little program that allows you to make basic edits to images. This is not to be confused with Canva – a graphics site geared more toward graphics for advertising.

Let’s check out how Canvas works. Start by heading to their website at

This site does sell prints. But you don’t need to purchase anything to use the photo editor.


To start, click on Choose File to upload a photo.


The edit screen will open.


Use the Zoom control at the top to zoom in and out of the image.


At the left, click on Filter.


Choose from 15 pre-set filter. Just click to apply.

pre-set filers


Choose resize to change the dimensions of you image.


You can adjust by pixels or use percentages. You can also choose to maintain the aspect ratio.


Click the Apply button at the right to save the changes.


Your next option is to Crop.


Pull the handles to crop the picture.


Or choose from the pre-selected sizes at the top.


Your next choice is to Transform.


Use the controls to rotate or flip the image.


Tomorrow, we’ll look at even more features of Canvas.

3 thoughts on “Canvas Photo Editor: Part 1

  1. Cyn, were you aware they are in England. It appears you purchase the items you edit? But I asked them that question, so will wait for reply. Trish

    1. Yes, they are in England. You are not required to purchase the items you edit. It’s an option if you want a print, but you can just download to your computer.

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