Run Command Prompt As Admin

A reader is having an issue running Command Prompt as an administrator. Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple:

“I am having a problem getting Administrator privileges on my computer. When I type the CMD command I gem my name as the user and can’t figure out how to get to admin. instead.”

To access Command Prompts you can type CMD in your Windows Search box and either hit Enter or click on the results in the Start Menu.


But, as you said, you won’t have administrator privileges. You’ll just see your user name.


Here’s how to use it as an administrator. Right-click on Command prompt in the results and choose Run as administrator from the menu.


You’ll need to grant permission to run as an administrator. Then Command Prompt will open. Your prompt will now say system32.




One thought on “Run Command Prompt As Admin

  1. Hi Cyn,
    Thanks for your very useful TechTips.
    Is there a difference between “PowerShell” (right click on start button) and command prompt?

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