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A couple of weeks ago I told you all about Font Squirrel, a helpful site that helps you figure out what a font is by just putting in a picture.

(Click here to learn all about Font Squirrel.)

I received a message from the folks behind the What Font Is website suggesting I give their website equal time. That seems fair enough. Let’s compare.

Let’s check out how it works. Start by heading to their website: https://www.whatfontis.com/


They do have a premium version available. But you don’t have to sign in or sign up in order to use the site.  You’ll need an image with the font you want to identify or the web address where the image is.


You can drag and drop the image, enter its web address, or choose to upload from your PC.


You can then crop the image to select the text you want.


Then click Next Step.


You may be offered a chance to optimize the image.


Next, you’re asked to drag all of the characters into position. This seems quite a bit more complicated to me than Font Squirrel.  The program split up what appeared to be a pretty simple line of text into a bunch of separate parts.


I had to type in some letters as it seemed to struggle to identify a pretty clear font.


Then it suggested I buy the premium plan if I wanted better results.


It did, however, manage to identify the font and others like it.  It returned both free and paid results that I could download.


Can’t say that I like it as much as Font Squirrel. There’s a lot of nagging to sign up for the premium version. But it does do the job it promises.

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