A reader’s Windows 10 update got stalled. Is she alone?

Cyn, are you aware of anyone upgrading to new version of Windows 10. A week or so ago a box came into the right side of my screen advising me to do so.

I had 3 options: pick a time; restart & do it now; or do it when sign off. It wasn’t convenient then or until this morning when I was going out for sunrise and then to do my walk. I expected to be away from the pc about an hour +-. This was 6:30 am. Returned about 7:17 am. Screen indicated process at 10%. At 8:25 it was at 71%, progress at 8:45 @ 91%. It stayed at 91% til 3:23 pm when I called a knowledgeable computer friend. Advised to do a hard restart. Shut down by on/off button at 3:23.

Turned on on/off button again at 3:26 pm. Got black screen indicating ‘Undoing changes to computer’. 3:43 pm black screen. Left it alone til 5:48 pm (went to take a nap). 5:48 pm on/off light indicate pc was on, not blinking like if on sleep.

Attempted sign on – Very slow, didn’t work right, screens not coming on, unable to sign into email; kept getting ‘resolving host’ bottom left of screen. Did restart. All upgrade or update choices were gone. After 2nd restart, clicked onto New Edge. Was able to sign into email, no more resolving host in left corner. And clicked on your latest post.

So, heard tell of anyone having this type of problem with upgrade to new version of Windows 10?

That was a long question. I’ve got a pretty short answer. I haven’t heard about this issue with this most recent upgrade specifically… yet. But this does occasionally happen with big upgrade to Windows. Updates get stalled for whatever reason. Usually the hard restart ends up being the best solution.

This latest update is HUGE. It’s really more like upgrading to a new operating system – What would this be now? Windows 14? While these problems are unwelcome and annoying, they aren’t unexpected. I had a similar issue with Windows 8.1 when I upgraded my Surface to Windows 8.1 back in the day. I think it took two days to straighten out.

Has anyone else had this issue?