Clear up space on your phone

Here’s an easy way to clear up gigs of storage space on your Android phone. To use it you’ll need to have your Google photos synced with the cloud. You can click here to learn how easy it is to turn that feature on. 

To clear up some phone space, start by opening the Google Photos app on your phone.


You’ll notice a little cloud icon at the top right. You can tap it to do a photo back-up to the cloud. If the back-up has already automatically happened, you’ll see a checkmark inside the cloud.


In addition to the status of your cloud backup, you’ll also see how much space you could save on your phone by deleting images that are already backed up to the cloud. Just tap to begin the process.


Confirm that you’d like to remove the images from your device. You can always access them again through Google Photos.


Being a big fan of multiple backups, I’d also suggest manually transferring the photos to an external drive as well. It can’t hurt to have them in multiple places.

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