Cortana Not Available Error

A reader is having trouble accessing the Windows 10 virtual assistant Cortana.

“I have a question about Cortana, when I try to open it I get the message ” Cortana isn’t available in your region” However there is a search icon next to it that does what Cortana used to do. I am set for the correct regions. I am up to date and I ran a virus check yesterday. Could this be caused by the last Windows update?”

Windows updates have been known to make things go a bit wonky. But there are a few things I’d suggest checking before blaming the update. We’ll start with the region settings. You’ve already checked them but anyone else having the issues should start by typing Region settings into the Windows search box and clicking on the results.

Make sure both the region and regional settings are correct. If not, click the arrow next to the drop-down menu and select the correct region.

If the region is correct, type Language settings into the Windows 10 search box. Click on the result.

Make sure you have the correct language set for Windows display language.

You’ll also want to click on Speech and check the language settings.

I heard back from the reader. Turns out the language trick worked. “Thanks, you did it again, everything is back to normal!”

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