Office Renewal Scam

There’s a new phishing scam out there targeting folks who subscribe to Microsoft Office.

Security experts Abnormal Security first spotted it a couple of weeks ago. The crooks send an email that says it’s time to renew your Office 365 subscription. It instructs you to click on the link to renew.

There’s also a version that claims your subscription has lapsed and your apps are about to be cut off.

If you click on the renewal link, it takes you to one of two places, depending on which attack targeted you. One is a screen that prompts you to enter your credit card information. The other is a fairly convincing PayPal invoice. They actually have the nerve to charge double the actual cost of a yearly Office subscription.

Once you enter your information, these crooks can clean out your bank account. If you suspect that a renewal notice is legitimate, head over to the Office website and check on your account.

Also, if you have subscriptions, make sure to keep track of the renewal dates.

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