Customize Outlook Inbox: Layout

It’s pretty simple to customize the layout of your online Outlook email inbox. Yesterday, I showed you how to change your themes and use dark mode. (Click here to read that tip.)

Today, we’ll learn how to change the look of the inbox. Start by opening a browser and heading to your inbox.

Click the gear icon at the top right of the inbox.

The Settings menu will pop out.

Scroll down to Focused Inbox.

When Focused Inbox is turned on, you’ll see two tabs in your inbox: Focused and Other. Focused will display what Outlook considers to be you most important emails. Other will display newsletters and other messages Outlook judges less important.

Switch it off and everything will display in one inbox.

Your next choice is to decide if you want desktop notifications when emails arrive.

Your next options are to change the way messages display.

Here’s what the Full setting looks like.

This is what Medium looks like.

Here’s the Compact view.

Your next choice is Conversation view.

When Conversation view is on, exchanges on the same topic are grouped together.

Click the arrow to see all of the exchanges. Switch it off if you’d rather have messages displayed individually.

Your next choice is where you want the reading pane.

Here’s the pane on the right.

On the bottom.

Here it is hidden.

Experiment until you find the look that works for you.

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