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A reader has a complaint about cloud storage but I think there could be other issues at play here.

 I have a Dell computer with enough memory that I don’t wish to use Cloud and pay for storage. I prefer to store what little word documents and my one excel document on my pc. I save to my PC but yet I usually end up with Microsoft live blank documents. My 2017 office was purchased, but not as office Office 365. I did have it previously. about a year ago, but did not renew.

I am having problem resolving my iCloud account on my PC. Unable to retrieve password. I continually receive messages that my iCloud account is out of date. I have tried updating , to know avail. Please help. Thank you.

First, I did want to point out that OneDrive storage for your Microsoft account is free. You can have up to 5GB of storage without paying for a plan. (Though you get a TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription). I actually think it’s a great idea to take advantage of the free storage just as a back up.

iCloud storage is free as well. But I think we’re looking at two different issues, here. If you keep getting blank documents when you open them, it sounds like there could be a problem with Office.

In a Word document, choose File and then Open. Then select Browse.

Find the document you want to open and select.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Open at the bottom. Choose Open and repair.

If you’re missing an iCloud password, you’ll need to retrieve it from Apple. You can reset the password using your iPhone or iPad by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap [your name] > Password & Security > Change Password.
  3. If you are signed into iCloud and have a passcode enabled, you will be prompted to enter the passcode for your device.
  4. Follow the onscreen steps to update your password.

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