Move from Facebook to Wimkin

A reader has a question about switching social media platforms.

“I would like to know how to move my stuff from Facebook to Wimkin. Lots of people are getting away from Facebook and going to this one.”

Wimkin is a new social media platform that promises users that they will be free to express themselves without censorship. Although if you check their terms of use, they can remove any material they determine to be harassing, threatening, defamatory, a violation of intellectual property or pornographic. They can also pull your account if you say something on other social media platforms that violates their standards.

Some people believe the platform is more friendly toward politically conservative viewpoints but I can’t vouch for that.

I can, however, tell you that you can’t move your stuff from Facebook over to Wimkin. Your posts, messages, videos, and photos cannot be transferred to another platform.

You could download the photos and videos you’ve posted from Facebook and choose to repost them on Wimkin. (Click here to learn how that works.)

You can’t download your Facebook posts but you can download the text from them. I suppose you could repost them one at a time on Wimkim.

Signing up for the site is easy, just head over to the website and enter and email address, username and password. It’s also available as an app from the Google Play and Apple app stores.

The platform offers many of the same features that Facebook does, though it is much smaller. And since it’s new, there’s no guarantee it will be around very long. Remember Google +? Even with the backing of the biggest tech company in the world, they failed to offer any real competition to Facebook.

There’s certainly no reason you couldn’t sign up and give it a try. I will say it looked pretty empty of there when I looked around but that could certainly change.

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