Chrome 404 Error

 A reader is experiencing a Chrome error.

I have windows 10 pro and I am using google chrome as my browser and when I try to connect to some sites, I get a 404 Not found message. Please help… is this from my security settings in my Norton Security? Is it set too restrictive, some other users in the house say that they too are getting the same messages too. Maybe the WIFI security filter settings are causing these issues. This started happening about two months ago.”

A 404 error indicates the page you’re trying reach isn’t there. But if you know the page actually is there and it happens frequently to multiple pages, then something else is going on.

There have been reports of the Norton SafeSearch browser extension causing this issue. I suggest temporarily turning off the extension in Chrome to see if that makes a difference. Turning off that extension does not completely turn off your security program.

If that clears up the problem, some advice suggests uninstalling the extension, clearing the cache and history in Chrome, and then reinstalling that extension will help cure the problem.

But since you say other folks in the house are having the problem, I’d suggest flushing the DNS cache. Click here to learn how to do that.

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