Millions of people are inadvertently sharing their Facebook information with strangers thanks to what appears to be a harmless holiday game. Maybe you’ve seen the Santa’s Nice & Naughty list post that’s been going around.


If you decide you’d like to play yourself and click on the list, you end up at the Nametests site, where you can log in with Facebook. It’s likely you just clicked on it to log in with your Facebook accounts, create your list, and post.


Nametest offers all kinds of quizzes like Who Really Loves You? What’s Your Elf Name? What is Your Christmas Eve? What is Your Secret Weapon? Which Bible Verse Are You?


By logging in and taking these tests, you’ve given this app an incredible amount of information about you. Let’s check it out. I want you to click the drop-down arrow on the top-right of your Facebook page and choose Settings and Privacy.

Then choose Settings.


At the left, scroll down to Apps at Websites.

All of the apps and websites you’ve granted permissions to will be displayed. Odds are, you’ll be surprised by the number of apps with permissions. You can either scroll down to look for apps or use the search function.

I’m going to scroll down and look for NameTest.


Tap on any app to see what permissions it’s been granted. If you’ve taken part in any of these NameTest games, here’s what you’ve shared:


If you’ve taken part in any of these NameTest games, here’s what you’ve shared:

Public profile
Friend List
Timeline Post – your posts, posts you’re tagged in, and posts made on your timeline
Your events
Your photos
Tagged places
Your email address

Yep, you’ve told complete strangers where you go, allowed them to look at all your photos, told them who your friends are and even let them have a peek at events you may be attending and given them your email address.  That’s a great way to invite some spam, huh? Or maybe a burglar?

Always think before you click and grant these types of permission.

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