I was totally worried this super-addicting game might vanish with Flash Player. Fortunately, the developers migrated it to another platform and I can continue my addiction.

The creators call it the world’s simplest game and they’re pretty close. The goal of the game is to turn the game screen all one color using the six buttons on the right within 30 moves.

Each button is a different color, so you must be strategic about the order in which you hit them to change the board colors. My tip is to pay attention to the areas where there are large swaths of color because you can change more of the board that way if you match them.

After you beat the game in 30 moves, you’ll move onto the next level to clear the board in 29 moves. I’ve never got past the 29 moves, so I can’t say how much harder the levels get after that but it’s so much fun trying to get there.

Go play today!


2 thoughts on “Drench

  1. OH! I think I’ve “got it” now! Did you ever drench the board yourself? Great little time-waster, thanks!

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