Here’s a simple site that could help save you a world of trouble. Combining two prescription drugs that don’t get along can make you very sick. But adding in the wrong over-the-counter drug or herbal supplement can also cause problems. This simple tool from WebMD can alert you to potential problems.

It certainly doesn’t take the place of consulting with your healthcare provider or pharmacist, but it’s a good starting place to check.

Here’s how it works. Click here to go to the website.


Enter the names of the medications you want to check. If you aren’t too sure of the spelling, you’ll get an assist from suggestions in a drop-down menu.


Once you have two medications entered, you can click the Check Interaction button.


The results will yield either no known interactions.


Or you may get a list of interactions that are ranked by severity.


You can add additional medications, over-the-counter-drugs, and even herbal supplements to the mix as well.


The site warns you, as I will, that you shouldn’t rely on it to make decisions. That’s where doctors, PAs, nurses, and pharmacists come in. But it is a useful tool.

Click this link to check it out: