Edge InPrivate Browsing

Have you tried the Microsoft Edge browser’s InPrivate mode? This feature provides an extra level of privacy when you surf the Internet.

When you’re in InPrivate mode, Edge deletes all cookies, browsing history, passwords, addresses, form, and site data the moment you close the window. Favorites, collections, and downloaded files remain. It also removes identifying information from Bing searches. Though, your IP address will still be visible.

Automatic sign-on to associated Microsoft accounts will be turned off.

InPrivate browsing won’t stop your boss, your school, or any other organization from seeing what you’re up to on their network and it won’t make you any safer from viruses.

Let’s check out how to turn it on. Open Microsoft Edge.

Click the 3-dot menu icon at the top right and choose New InPrivate window from the drop-down menu.

The InPrivate Window will open. Note the different background.

There’s also an InPrivate icon at the top right.

Click on it and you’ll be able to see how man InPrivate windows you have open.

If you want to have the strictest privacy settings in place automatically when you use an InPrivate window, just move the toggle switch to the On position.

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