Talking books with Emma Jameson, Rebecca Regnier, and Sabrina Flynn

I sat down with best-selling mystery authors Emma Jameson, Rebecca Regnier, and Sabrina Flynn to talk about their latest books and other interesting stuff.

Emma is the NYT’s Best-selling author of British cozy mysteries like A Death at Seascape House and the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. Rebecca recently topped the charts with a paranormal women’s fiction anthology called Seasoned Magic. Sabrina’s historical Ravenwood mysteries put Victorian San Francisco in a whole new light.

During our talk we’ll find out how why Sabrina jumped off a ferry at Alcatraz in the name of book research, how a bestseller came to Emma in a dream, and why Rebecca thinks nobody under 40 should be playing with magic.

Emma and I will also reveal what’s next for our Camelot West Virginia series.

Visit Emma’s webpage at this link:

Learn about Rebecca’s seasoned magic here:

Find out about Sabrina’s irresistible mysteries here:

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