Music Theory

I’m bringing you the free content available at Music Theory! You can check out introductory and intermediate lessons as well as ear trainers and books!

If you look at the main page, you’ll see Explore our Free Online Content with a line drawing that shows what content is free: Lessons, Exercises, Tools.

If you click into Lessons, you’ll see a long listing of lessons that start with the Basics and progress in difficulty.

Exercises gives you several different ways to practice (visual and auditory) with staff identification, keyboard identification, fret identification, and ear training.

Tools offers you calculators and utilities to help you in your studies.

This is a great way to dive into music theory, so check it out today.


3 thoughts on “Music Theory

  1. Amanda, you might want to mention that while this is a great resource, it’s only for those who own iPhone or iPad. We Android users, however, are effectively left out of Music Theory.

    1. All of the lessons can be accessed using a browser instead on app. Use a browser on a PC or Mac or launch Chrome on your phone. Just tap the the tabs at the top. I just checked myself. It works fine.

  2. AManda you find the most amazing tools and, I want to do all of them. Now, to find the time . . . . and that makes me chuckle. I need time; could you find an app for that?
    Seriously, everything you find is interesting and good learning tools. I’m still working on the stereograms, which my brain unraveled quickly when it was younger. Now it takes – yep – more time. Sigh.

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