We’ve covered this topic before but every time we talk about it, people seem to get pretty excited, so I thought I’d go over it again.

One of the annoying things about Windows 10 is that some of the settings you want are under Settings but others could be found under Control Panel.

There’s a secret trick that lets you access all of your settings. It’s called God Mode. All you need to do to activate it is make and name a folder. Start by right-clicking on a blank spot on your desktop, choosing Folder and then New.


Rename the folder with this text:
The text before the period ( . ) sign can be whatever you like. GodMode is a common name but you can call it TammyMode or SecretMode. Whatever the name, you’ll now see this icon on your desktop.


Double click and you’ll see of your settings options in alphabetical order.


Scroll down and check them all out. Troubleshooting is an especially helpful one. Look at all the choices there.


Just click on any of the settings listed to open them. You can also search God Mode at the top of the Window.


Let’s scroll on down to our Internet Options. Right there without having to change tabs or dig into advanced settings, you can see options to block pop-ups, allow cookies, change security, change your search provider, delete your browsing history, manage add-ons, turn off autocomplete, and more.


This setting may be the biggest time-saver in the history of the world. At least the history of the Windows world.