Explore God Mode: Part 3

All this week, we’ve been learning about Windows God Mode.  This nifty feature brings all of your Settings and Control Panel options together in one handy desktop file.

Click here to learn how to activate God Mode.

Click here for part 1 of Explore God Mode

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Today we’ll look at options for files, searching, and more. Start by clicking on the GodMode folder to open:


Then scroll down to File Explorer Options. 

Changing search options will control how the computer searches for folders.  Changing the file type associated with a file extension will allow you to choose a default program for that file extension. You can even adjust whether a single or double-click opens a folder.


File History lets you restore lost files and make backup copies of your files.


From Fonts, you can check out all of the fonts installed on your PC. Private Character Editor allows you to create your own characters or fonts.


Indexing Options controls how your computer searches. Internet Options allows you to control online security but most options relate to Internet Explorer.


Your next options are for Keyboard and Mouse. You can control cursor blink rate, change pointer display or speed, and customize mouse buttons.


From the Network and Sharing Center, you can connect to a network, identify and repair network problems, and set up a VPN. You also have the option to set-up a dial-up connection.


From Power Options, you’ll be able to pick a power plan, assign what power buttons do, and even add a screen saver.


We’ll wrap things up tomorrow in part 4 of this series.

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