Awful Library Books

books in black wooden book shelf

Weeding a collection is a very integral part of a librarians job in order to keep the books current and relevant to the libraries users.

So when my professor mentioned that this site about books that are so awful they should be weeded existed, I couldn’t wait to go check it out.

The site is a collection of library books that authors find amusing or questionable for libraries trying to maintain a relevant currant collection.

When you arrive at the page you’ll find the most recent entries featured on the main page.

As for navigation options, you can use the menu on the left to browse categories, recent posts, and popular posts. There is also a navigation strip along the top of the page with the categories that are more seriously focused on weeding and information for librarians: Why We Weed, Will Weed For Food, Submissions, and Practical Librarian.

Go check out the entries today!


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